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Treadmill Comparison

How to Make an Informed Decision That Will Save You Money!

How do you make an informed decision when buying a new treadmill? Doing a treadmill comparison among top models of treadmills would certainly be useful. Through a treadmill comparison, you could see how the quality of one model compares to the quality of another. You could compare the features of each treadmill. You could compare the different prices. You could determine which treadmill most fits your needs.

Treadmill Comparisons Made Easy

Treadmill By Net provides consumers a side-by-side treadmill comparison chart through the Treadmill Challenge, so that you don't have to go to all the trouble of doing your own treadmill comparison. The Treadmill Challenget compares Smooth treadmills with other top models. This allows the consumer to see how Smooth treadmills measure up against these other models. TreadmillByNet compares the features of various models of Smooth treadmills with the features of various models of other brands, such as Precor, Cybex, Nautilus, Keys, True, and Schwinn. A price comparison is also provided for each model.

An example of a treadmill comparison is the one between the Precor M 9.31 and the Smooth 9.2P models. Features that are compared between these two treadmills are the weights of each machine, size of running surfaces, motor horsepower, speed range, deck thickness, incline range, user weight capacity, warranties, and price. With the aid of this treadmill comparison, the consumer is able to see which treadmill is the better buy.


Check out all the treadmill comparisons at the Treadmill Challenge to find out the differences among the top-rated brands of treadmills. See how Smooth Treadmills compare with other major treadmill brands. Find out which treadmills are the better buys and which one fits your needs best. The work has been done for you. All you have to do is read the results!




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