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Below are just a few of the outstanding reviews and ratings our Smooth Treadmills have received from independent groups. We have obtained positive ratings from Runner's World, Prevention Magazine,, and Epinions. In addition, our customer testimonials prove that we are geared towards customer satisfaction. Check out why a Smooth Treadmill is considered a "Best Buy" and the "Best Bargain". sends out surveys to our customer during the ordering process, and they follow-up with an additional survey after the fulfillment. We are Customer Certified. This certification denotes stores that provide satisfactory service and are proactively committed to monitoring their customer's satisfaction by allowing every customer to provide feedback to directly at the point-of-sale check-out.

We have received an overall "Positive" rating in the following categories:

  • Would Shop Here Again
  • On Time Delivery
  • Customer Support
  • Products Met Expectation provides independent customer reviews and ratings. You will find most of our treadmills have received between 4-5 stars ratings (5 being the highest). Customers have been very complimentary on our products and service.


Our product sales through Amazon have had a 100% positive customer feedback for the last 90 days. This includes both product quality and customer service. Comments include:

"Great company! Responded quickly to all of my questions and were always reassuring. Delivered the product early and with great professionalism through the process! Highly recommended."

"I LOVE my treadmill. It is everything they said it would be."

Prevention Magazine Treadmill Reviews

Prevention Magazine has a readership of over 11 million. In their last treadmill review they rated our treadmills as a "Best Bargain" and described them as having the "Smoothest and Sturdiest Ride."

Treadmill Ratings and Reviews

This popular treadmill review site rates the Smooth 5.65 as a "Best Buy". They state:

"What makes this a value proposition, is the fact that the 5.45 is one of the most solid and durable machines for $1,000. This is not one of those throw away treadmills you get from the giant retailers." See, a shopping comparison resource, gave the Smooth 9.15 a rating. They stated, "few manufacturers pack as much innovation into this price range."

They rated our EVO 1 Treadmillas a "Best Buy". "The EVO brand from Smooth Fitness is bringing a bevy of cutting edge products to the store."

Runner's World

Runner's World reviews treadmill approximately every 3 years. In the past two treadmills ratings Smooth ranked in the top ten. Their latest review highlighted the user-friendly interface of the Smooth 9.3 is one of the largest information resources found on the Internet. The site covers hundreds of topic, including fitness and exercise. They have reviewed and rated two of our treadmills and one of the "Best Buys" in the mid-range and high-end.


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