Spirit SR 245 Treadmill vs Smooth 7.1 HR
How They Compare!

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Spirit SR 245
Treadmill Weight
235 lbs
260 lbs
Running Surface
20 x 54
20 x 54
Motor (Continuous HP)
2.5 hp
2.5 hp
Heart Rate Control
Deck Thickness
Roller Size
(Power Folding)
Speed Range
.5 - 10
.5 - 10 mph
User Weight Capacity
300 lbs
350 lbs
10 yrs motor, 3 yrs parts, 1 yr service
10 yrs motor, 5 yrs belt/deck/rollers, 3 yrs electronics, 1 yr service
(Plus Tax and Shipping)
(Includes Shipping)
Best Buy

Weight = Stability - The treadmill weight is very important to the overall stability of the machine. The heavier the treadmill the more solid the feel. In this price range both the Spirit SR 245 Treadmill and the Smooth 7.1 have sufficient weight for a stable and solid feel.

Motor Output - Continuous duty horsepower ratings are the amount of power a motor will produce "continuously" at a given RPM (revolutions per minute). Continuous duty HP is the "working power" of a treadmill motor, providing constant power to the drive belt. The higher the HP output the less stress on the motor, which results in longer life. Both treadmills have powerful enough motors to handle both walkers and runners.

Larger rollers provide for less friction and longer life - Large rollers provide a smooth walking/running experience and extend the life of the treadbelt. There is no substitute for size, the larger the better. That's why most commercial treadmills are equipped with oversized rollers. Both the Spirit SR 245 and the Smooth 7.1 treadmill have commercial grade rollers.

Factory Direct Sales - Smooth treadmills are sold factory direct and only on the Internet. This eliminates the costly overhead from resellers. Spirit sells their SR 245 treadmill only through retailers.

Shipping Included - The prices for all of the Smooth Treadmills includes shipping to your home.

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** The Spirit SR 245 treadmill price represents the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. The Smooth treadmill cost is the everyday low price. Treadmillbynet does not sell Spirit products. Prices and specifications are for comparison use only.

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